If you are following the WW SmartPoints weight loss program but don’t have time to cook,
you’re at the right place!

Frozen TV Dinners Have
Come A Long Way

Today there are tons of high-quality chef-prepared frozen gourmet meals that you can simply pop in the microwave, take out of the container, plate it nicely, and when served you will think it was freshly prepared at a restaurant by a professional chef!

But beware……. There are many dangers lurking in those supermarket freezers that will make your SmartPoint numbers soar, but there are also many frozen foods and complete meals to choose from that are WW SmartPoint friendly and meet all the standards, and will keep you at or below your total points for the week with room to spare for those special cheat days that we all need and enjoy.

To keep things as simple as possible, when choosing frozen foods from the supermarket pay attention to the following information when reading the labels:

WW SmartPoints Friendly Frozen Foods Nutritional Label - Calories

Keep the calorie count low. Depending on if it is breakfast, lunch or dinner, adjust your caloric intake accordingly to allow for the daily allotment of SmartPoints. When choosing frozen foods that are going to be WW SmartPoint friendly, choose meals that are under 400 calories.

If you have been on the Weight Watchers program for any period of time then you know that protein is your BFF. Protein makes you feel fuller longer because it activates hormones in your gut that make you feel satisfied and actually creates a feeling of fullness hours after you finish eating. So look for frozen foods and meals that have a high protein content.

Choose HIGH PROTEIN Frozen Foods!

When choosing WW-friendly frozen foods from the supermarket, look for low sugar content. The WW SmartPoints program considers 30g of sugar high and 2g of sugar low.

Saturated Fat
Saturated fat is found in fatty cuts of meat, chicken skin, deep-fried foods, and other baked goods such as deep-fried donuts.. Aim to choose a frozen food meal that is no more than 4.5g with 3g or less being optimal for the food to be WW SmartPoint Friendly.

We are all using way too much salt in our diets so find foods that are 650mg or less.

Serving Size
Most of the time, the total calorie count on the nutritional label is written in big and bold black letters, and you may think that it means it’s for the whole container but in reality, it’s per serving. So if it says 3 servings per container and each serving is one cup, that means that each cup is equal to the number of calories in the big bold letters! So if you eat the entire container thinking that your only eating the total amount of calories it said on the box then you are really eating 3x the amount! Terrible marketing trick huh?

The WW website suggests that members “stick to foods that are higher in protein and lower in sugar and saturated fat. However, Weight Watchers makes it clear that no foods are off-limits and members can eat their favorite snacks and desserts as long as they stay within their designated SmartPoints for the day.

To make it really easy to choose frozen foods that will fit into your WW SmartPoint plan you can use a free online Smart Points Calculator where all you need to do is enter the calories, protein, sugar, and saturated fat from the information on the back of the nutritional label of the frozen food you are thinking of choosing, and the calculator will automatically give you the total amount of WW SmartPoints so you can make your final decision.

On this website are some of the frozen foods I have found so far that may work for you when you don’t have time to cook fresh food and want something fast and quick. In order to help with your meal planning, I have tried to arrange the foods in groups according to their SmartPoints value. Hope this helps, and if you would like me to include any frozen foods that you don’t see on my list please let me know.

Lisa Brando